Club Rules

22 Feb 2016


1. The Club shall be called the Sherwood Cycling Club and shall be affiliated to the British Cycling Federation (BC), Road Time Trials Council (RTTC/CTT), Cyclists’ Touring Club (CTC), Burton and District Cycling Alliance(BDCA), Notts and Derby Cyclo Cross League(NDCXL) and the Association of Nottingham and District Cycling Clubs (ANDCC).

2. The Management of the Club shall be by an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, consisting of the officials as defined in Rule 3.

3. The Club Officials shall be Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer plus nine other members as elected at the Annual General Meeting. There is provision for a number of additional Committee members to be elected, known as Members without Portfolio.

4. Membership of the Club is to be open to both sexes.

5. The Club colours shall be yellow, green and black, the design being as shown in the attached drawing. Any proposal to change the colours or design must be agreed at an Annual General Meetings or Extraordinary General Meeting, which must be attended by at least 15 club members. The change will be subject to at least two thirds of those members present voting in favour.

6. The annual subscription shall be as approved at the Annual General Meeting.
a) Members are eligible for a 50% reduction if they fulfil any of the following criteria, during the previous calendar year:
i) Organise an Open event on behalf of the club
ii) Help out at 3 club open promotions
iii) Help out at 3 or more club time trials

7. Rule no longer applies (Compulsory 3rd party insurance for cycling activities.)

8. A member wishing to resign from the Club shall notify the Club Secretary in writing.

9. When a member resigns or fails to renew their membership by the appointed date, any perpetual trophy that is held by that member shall be restored immediately to the custody of the Club, it being the sole property of the Club.

10. Any new member approved by the Committee shall be entitled to all privileges of membership up to the 31st December of the following year.” New member” means someone who has not been a member of the club in the previous 5 years.

11. A second claim member shall pay the appropriate Club subscription. A second claim member will not be eligible to win any Club trophies, the Tens League or Club Championships.

12. The Committee shall normally meet once a month to transact the Club’s business (five members form a quorum). If a member of the Committee is absent from three consecutive meetings, without offering reasonable explanation and obtaining leave of absence, shall be deemed to have resigned and the Committee shall fill the vacancy.

13. All prospective members shall pay the membership fee to the Membership Secretary and be approved at the next Committee Meeting.

14. Any member not renewing their membership by the 31st March in each year shall be deemed to have resigned and to have forfeited all rights and privileges of membership.

15. Members shall be liable to expulsion from the Club for unseemly conduct. The Committee is empowered to revoke membership of the Club. The Committee must give the member the reason(s) for revoking their membership.

16. A member in unauthorised debt to the Club will not be eligible to race in the name of the Club.

17. The Club’s financial year shall commence on the 1st November and end on the 31st October the following year, after which date the Honorary Treasurer shall prepare the balance sheet.

18. The agenda and balance sheet shall be available seven days before the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in December or as previously arranged.

19. Items for the agenda of any Annual General Meeting shall reach the Secretary at least 2 weeks before the meeting. At the meeting, any other business will be allowed at the discretion of the Chairman. However no changes of ‘Club Rules’ will be permitted under any other business.

20. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee or by the Honorary Secretary upon receipt of a request signed by seven members, subject to at least 14 days notice (with a copy of the Agenda attached) being given to the members.

21. Club racing shall be run in accordance to the regulations drawn up by the Committee.

22. No alterations in or additions to these rules shall be made; except with the consent of at least two thirds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting (or Special General Meeting called for the purpose).

23. Any matter not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the Committee, whose decision shall be binding on all parties.

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