20 Feb 2016

Membership enquiries

You are able to join Sherwood in several ways, the best and easiest way is to download our new members form and then send it to our Membership Secretary (address detailed on the form), this can take upto seven days to process, in the meantime you are welcome to join us on the club runs.

The membership form for new members or for renewing current membership is avilable to download below. Please download and complete, then send it with your payment (Cheques made payable to SHERWOOD CYCLING CLUB) to the address detailed on the form.


Members are recommended to have third party insurance for their own protection. There are two main providers of cycling cover that most of our membership use:

Membership Fees For Sherwood Cycling Club

  • Seniors £15
  • Juniors £4
  • Juveniles £1
  • 2nd Claim Members & Associates (non-cycling) £6
  • Family membership 1 free related U18 per first claim Senior member




Event enquiries


Website enquiries

Got a problem with the website? Login, click on the Helpdesk link at the bottom of the website and send an issue ticket.

If you cannot login, email or call the Club's webmaster.


  1. Upcoming open TTs

    We just need to field as many riders as possible for starters.  I think if the Mike's interest could be peaked we'll have a fighting chance.  Ultimately it is consistency.  We'll have a chat if you...

  2. Upcoming open TTs

    Have to say I’m flattered to be talked up in the same breath as the luminaries you mention, Rog! The ambition is admirable but you have to consider that both Mapperley and Clarion could’ve stretch...

  3. Impsport Club Kit

    Jackets ordered and due for delivery W/E 3 November. I will let individuals know when they arrive.