1. I have been to the eco farm cafe to day it is not so much a cyclist cafe but a cafe that welcoms cyclists.

    OPEN friday  saturday sunday.

    owner a member of the Witham wheelers.POSSIBLY MORE HOURS AND EVENTS COME SPRING 2018.

    time will tell! -----wing nut.

  2. I heard today that Lake View Fishing cafe is closing down. It has been a bit hit and miss recently closing some days without warning.

    The Parrot Run stopped using it recently.

  3. The quality of food at lake view has been very poor for a long time, what finished it off though was the fact that it was closed two visits in a row, and the visit prior to this we were asked to drink up so staff could leave, this a few minutes after arriving

  4. No more slogging up the climb to get to Lakeview! 

    Cafes come and go and we now have the cafe in Hickling as a nearby replacement for Lakeview.

  5. The log burner in hickling chucks out a lot more heat than the calor gas wall thing at lake view


  6. Hickling was very warm today - first time up the stairs as well. Needs some care to tackle the stairs, in cycling shoes, whilst carrying a tray.

    We need a training course for this!

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