Club Snoods

I've been onto Impsport regarding Club snoods.

They already had a design in yellow with small club logos in a chessboard type array. I've asked them to change it to green and space out the logos in a diagonal array (looks better to me). They are working on this now and will do it at no charge.

The material is a breathable, coolcore fabric.

They will cost us £15 each but the Committee agreed to subsidise the selling price by 50%. I'm suggesting rounding this to £7 each.

I'll order 40 - any thoughts? We would have to order 100+ to get them any cheaper.  


  1. Trev has posted on Facebook to get some feedback (although many members don't know use social media), personally I would buy 30 and see how it goes

  2. Put me down for one please.-------wing nut

  3. first it was bottles in my nightmares now it is snoods when will this madnes end 

  4. Come on Dave a lot of people over the years have helped to maintain a healthy club balance it is imaginative to do some "odd" things with it.

    To me it shows that there are still people prepared to get involved ,let us hope  we can encourage more of them,I thought the bottles were good and look smart I was pleased to have two.

    I am well over the hill but am still pleased to get out and tell people about the Sherwood cc.

    We no longer have the cosy club nights social evenings of "yesterday" I think Tubes,Clothing,Bottles trips to the track etc etc help to keep the club as a club rather than a "mish mash"of people who just meet for a ride---------well done to all those who do these things!!!!!!-----wing nut

  5. is the crazed leader of snoods gatheriing his followers for great deeds or will someone else do it

  6. Could possibly take over the world!?????------YOU NEVER KNOW .---so BEWARE.!-wing nut

  7. has the leader of the snood lost a man or will his other acolytes gather for a night of the long knives stand firm

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