Upcoming open TTs

Ratae RC 10 10th Sept and ANDCC 25 17th September.

I've just put an entry in for these two.

Anybody else entering ?

  1. Thinking about it seriously...

  2. Sadly missed the deadline for the Ratae one but have entered ANDCC tonight

    Entry closes at 23:59 tonight.

    Still time to get an entry in. It would be nice to have a full complement of 5 Sherwood riders. One can but dream.

    Will you be around Steve Littlewood?

    Is Mike, Gisli, Craig or any of the over regulars entering or entered?

  3. Llew was going to ANDCC, but he's away that weekend. I think Steve is still recovering from his crash.

  4. Good to see we've got a team of 5 entered.



  5. Fingers crossed!

    Not sure how likely it is Steve Littlewood will be racing. We can but hope. 

  6. I've created Lighthouse handicap allowances for Sherwood riders. Very difficult to do but based on Evening Tens, Open 10 and a lot of guesswork!

    Gisli Jenkins Scr

    Giles White 1:00

    Roger Widdowson 4:00

    Steve Littlewood 4:40

    Steve Walsh 5:40

    These determine the winner of the Halford Trophy. Under the rule that a rider cannot be awarded the Halford Trophy and the Club Championship, Gisli cannot win the Halford!

  7. At first I thought Walsh will win on handicap based on those figures because Giles takes 2 minutes out of me on a 10 bit now my money's on The Great White!


    Have you been bribing Ed with Coffee and Walnut cake?

  8. My money is on Giles for the handicap and gisli for the SCC quickest time

  9. Can anybody confirm the HQ being used for the Lighthouse, please?

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