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  1. CLUB A G M

    If the weather stays as it is I think it prudent for me to stay at home this year, so sorry ! I will however keep an "eye" on things .---------wing nut (jim hollands )

  2. Club Snoods

    Could possibly take over the world!?????------YOU NEVER KNOW .---so BEWARE.!-wing nut

  3. Club Snoods

    Come on Dave a lot of people over the years have helped to maintain a healthy club balance it is imaginative to do some "odd" things with it. To me it shows that there are still people prepared to get...

  4. CAFE News

    I have been to the eco farm cafe to day it is not so much a cyclist cafe but a cafe that welcoms cyclists. OPEN friday  saturday sunday. owner a member of the Witham wheelers.POSSIBLY MORE HOURS AND ...

  5. Club Snoods

    Put me down for one please.-------wing nut

  6. Medium group 29th November

    THEM  BL--DY CYCLISTS!!!!------wing nut

  7. CAFE News

    futher to my post concerning the closure of"The Bakers Daughter" at Cropwel Bishop . It has re open'd as NYCE which is the original title that was sold T B D. Iwas in to day and had a chat with the ow...

  8. CAFE News

    The CLOCKS TEAROOM at Aslocton now has a notice in window only open ------wednesday----thursday-----friday------11am-----4pm.wing nut.

  9. CAFE News

    The Bakers daughter inCropwell Bishop is now closed ,the lady has health problems. I used it from time to time for short introduction rides from Bingham. Wing nut.

  10. Loading Activities

    You must also take into account wind speed AND UV levels.-----wing nut

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