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19 Mar 2016

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  1. Good to see today's event so well supported. Many thanks for timing today Trev.
  2. Apart from the strong wind, it was a reasonable day. I went 2 minutes faster (and not last!) compared with last year, but I think the wind was not as strong this year. Pretty good turn-out. Thanks for timing Trev.
  3. Boxing Day 10 results 1 Andrew Thompson 27.28 2 Llew Hancock 27.45 3 Pete Phillips 29.15 4 Andrew Fitch 29.49 5 Steve Littlewood 30.37 6 Paul Ward 31.06 7 John Phimister 32.13 8 Craig Watson 32.15 9 Kevin Humphreys 32.19 10 Karen Hunt 35.46 11 Ed Ward 37.03 12 Jake Jackson 37.50 2up Steve Adams/Conor Williams 25.09


  1. Upcoming open TTs

    We just need to field as many riders as possible for starters.  I think if the Mike's interest could be peaked we'll have a fighting chance.  Ultimately it is consistency.  We'll have a chat if you...

  2. Upcoming open TTs

    Have to say I’m flattered to be talked up in the same breath as the luminaries you mention, Rog! The ambition is admirable but you have to consider that both Mapperley and Clarion could’ve stretch...

  3. Impsport Club Kit

    Jackets ordered and due for delivery W/E 3 November. I will let individuals know when they arrive.