Wayne Bramley
May 17

does any one know how brian is after his accident commuting i know he broke some ribs

May 19

He texted me to say that he has also broken his scapula (shoulder blade) as well as broken ribs. He will need an operation on his shoulder. Taken out by a white van man. He is likely to be off his bike for at least 8 weeks.

May 20

Hope you get well soon Brian bit of bad luck keep looking on the bright side

Ed Ward
May 21

I hadn't heard of this one. Hope you recover soon Brian.


John Church is also out of action after coming off in France. Damage to ligaments - takes time to heal.

May 31

Not good news! B&DCC have lately been reporting what appear to be deliberate attacks on their riders by van drivers. Information such as this should be dessiminated on FaceBook so we can all be made aware much quicker of members' welfare. I've raised the issue at Committee about having cameras on Club riders before. Logistically, it would no doubt be a nightmare but something that should be openly discussed.

Jun 9

Quite a few of us do have cameras. I bought one after getting knocked off in an Audax, as we failed to get the reg no of the car. I don’t think it’s practical to equip all club riders with them from club funds, but nothing to stop people buying their own. Perhaps we could get a bulk discount.


We had a close pass coming in to Shelford this morning. Audi driver rushing to get past before oncoming motorcyclist and cut in very close to Rob Godfrey.

Aug 2

I texted Brian today I see how he is getting on. He smashed his shoulder and is still unable to drive or work, so it will be a while yet until he is back on his bike. I’m off to see him tomorrow.

Wayne Bramley
Aug 4

nice one trev

Aug 4

Shoulder injuries are notorious for taking forever and a day to correct if they do at all. Mine's still not 100% right from my off in the National VTTA Champs. You don't realise just how much you really on your shoulders until something goes wrong!


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  • philgard
    Nov 12

    It looks as though we’ve got a short gap in the rain tomorrow. Moderate south westerly and cold. I’d suggest Asfordby Hill, out via Shelford, Old Dalby, ? back via Stathern. About 44 miles. Phil
  • woodward153
    Nov 12

    So who is the person that the drugs are for surly not all for Sutton to get a "rise" there will be a few keeping there heads down mr wiggins
  • craigwatson
    Nov 12

    Surely Ed could be near that figure?
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