May 1, 2018

Medium group 2nd May


Tomorrow looks like a washout. I won’t be out unless the forecast changes dramatically which seems unlikely.


Ed Ward
May 2, 2018

I'm not riding this morning either. I haven't got the will to face the rain and wind again!

Howard Clark
May 2, 2018

I looked out the window and decided the gym was the best bet!

New Posts
  • philgard
    Nov 12

    It looks as though we’ve got a short gap in the rain tomorrow. Moderate south westerly and cold. I’d suggest Asfordby Hill, out via Shelford, Old Dalby, ? back via Stathern. About 44 miles. Phil
  • woodward153
    Nov 12

    So who is the person that the drugs are for surly not all for Sutton to get a "rise" there will be a few keeping there heads down mr wiggins
  • craigwatson
    Nov 12

    Surely Ed could be near that figure?
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