Aug 15, 2018



IT is rumourd that there is cosideration to make the road from Gunthorpe bridge to East Bridgford one way up from the bridge .

this is to avoid hold ups with cars trying to get onto the main road.

I do not know if there is any truth in it but I heard it from a sensible and responsible person yesterday.------wing nut

Ed Ward
Aug 16, 2018

From East Bridgford Parish Council minutes:


"Residents have experienced significant increases in traffic through the village, especially after 4pm when congestion on the A6097 leads to motorists choosing to cut through the village. Many of these then use Trent Lane to access Gunthorpe Bridge, leading to hazardous situations when they turn right across the busy traffic. VIA(EM) for Nottinghamshire Highways has accepted the case for making Trent Lane one-way for about 100m from the bridge junction towards the village only, but implementation has been delayed while a solution for cyclists to be accommodated is found. The Council continues to try and persuade VIA(EM) that a speed indicator sign which also records data would be very useful to determine the extent of the cut-through traffic, what speeds are involved and which times of the day could merit a police check."

Perhaps it would be easier to make the path over the bridge a shared cycle path (most cyclists use it anyway) and introduce a "No Right Turn" out of Trent Lane?

Ed Ward
Aug 16, 2018

I've now e-mailed the Parish Council about this and reported the water running across the road at the bottom of the hill.

Aug 16, 2018

If they do need to do it I would think that a cycle path on the "wrong" side of the road about a third of the road width protected by a barrier for 150 yards or so would work.

If the government are serious about more cycling then lots of minor improvements AND ongoing maintenance would make a big difference.

----wing nut

Aug 16, 2018Edited: Aug 17, 2018

If you've ever driven across Gunthorpe bridge at rush hour, you can see why this is needed. Lots of rat-running through East Bridgford to avoid the queue on the main road (which starts at Margidunum island). People turning right out of Trent Lane makes the traffic worse on the main road. I personally think they should close off Trent Lane and make it access only, with a barrier between the caravan site and the Marina, which lets cyclists through (like the one off the A52 near Upper Saxondale). That way, it would not affect us, but would stop the cars.

Ed Ward
Aug 16, 2018

I've heard from the PC now. Apparently the one way proposals have been abandoned and VIA (managing Highways) are considering closing the road, initially for a one year trial.


Your suggestion seems to be the best way forward.

I'll contact VIA.

Ed Ward
Sep 4, 2018

Regarding the water running over the road I, and others, have reported it. Notts County Council have inspected it and are yet undecided what to do. Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board have responded to an enquiry by Andy Harrison :


"We were approached by Jenny Frain from Rushcliffe Borough Council asking whether we could assist in this matter in anyway.

I met Jenny on site along with Mr Peating, whose property is being affected. It was difficult to see exactly where the source of the water was, but I could clearly see where the flow had been piped out of the bank and part of the track excavated to allow for flows underneath the road. This unfortunately has resulted in the flow of the water going directly in to Mr Peatings property, causing damage to his garden and possibly walls/footings. We did advise Mr Peatling that he could for the short term protect his property by piping the flow across his garden or to channel it around the boundary to minimise any further damage but he showed little appetite to do this. During our visit we also spoke with the caravan owner on whose property the piped outfall is sited. He showed us an old standpipe in his front garden that when his turned it off, water bubbled up through his block paving driveway and the pressure raised the bricks significantly. I couldn’t really work out where the stand pipe fed and wondered whether the piped overflow may have been leaking from this stand pipe.

It was mentioned on site that the hillside and track may belong to the Parish Council, so it may be them that could assist in finding the source of the flow. There was also some mention of a spring that had been capped off near the church in the village, which seemed some distance away, but maybe the PC have records of this?

The issue requires further investigation, and so I spoke with our Engineer David Sisson about whether it’s one that IDB can assist with or not, or even whether it is a civils matter between the two landowners.

David is back from leave next week, so I will speak to him then to clarify our position on the matter "


When I reported it to Notts CC they said the had inspected it and hadn't yet decided what to do.


Let's hope something happens before we get to the stage of freezing and black ice.



Sep 6, 2018

If the leak carries on we will have to start using the main road to climb the hill, which will please the motorists no end!

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