Oct 15, 2018

Saturday 13th

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great day at cyclo-cross on Saturday riders from all over the area put on a good day of racing BUT no Sherwood riders did not see any came to Bingham to watch to see what it is all about still I enjoyed it well run and good fun

Oct 16, 2018

We've not had any cross riders for a few years. The racing focus seems to be on time trialling at the moment.


Bingham is one of the better courses for spectators, as you can see half the course if you stand at the top of the bank, but it must have been the windiest race ever.

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  • philgard
    Nov 12

    It looks as though we’ve got a short gap in the rain tomorrow. Moderate south westerly and cold. I’d suggest Asfordby Hill, out via Shelford, Old Dalby, ? back via Stathern. About 44 miles. Phil
  • woodward153
    Nov 12

    So who is the person that the drugs are for surly not all for Sutton to get a "rise" there will be a few keeping there heads down mr wiggins
  • craigwatson
    Nov 12

    Surely Ed could be near that figure?
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