Ed Ward
Jul 27, 2018



The TdF crosses the 2115 metre high Tourmalet after 108 km on today's stage.

Watch out for 2 Sherwood jerseys in the crowd as Mike Mitchell and his son Josh will be somewhere there in the crowd.

They might be difficult to spot among the thousands but our jerseys do stand out!

Jul 27, 2018

I'm sure I just saw a parrot running next to Froome... he didn't look impressed (at about 100k to go)

Ed Ward
Jul 27, 2018

Yes, I saw that. I think it was Josh. About 1k before I saw his brother Luke (who rode the 10 on Tuesday) standing at the side of the road - possibly with his sister. Didn't spot Mike though.

Jul 27, 2018

Whoever it was they were wearing a flat cap.


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  • philgard
    Nov 12

    It looks as though we’ve got a short gap in the rain tomorrow. Moderate south westerly and cold. I’d suggest Asfordby Hill, out via Shelford, Old Dalby, ? back via Stathern. About 44 miles. Phil
  • woodward153
    Nov 12

    So who is the person that the drugs are for surly not all for Sutton to get a "rise" there will be a few keeping there heads down mr wiggins
  • craigwatson
    Nov 12

    Surely Ed could be near that figure?
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