Ed Ward
May 13

Evening Ten 14 May 2019


Woody can't get on Tuesday and I am hoping that Trev will be able to assist. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get confirmation by e-mail - I suspect Trev may be away.

Is anyone else able to help? With the numbers we have been getting and the fine weather, it may not be possible to get to the finish in time for the first ridershome.

I would need someone at the start to send off riders after number 21 - or close the books at number 21!

May 13

What for? Just timekeeping or pushing off as well?

Ed Ward
May 13

Sorry folks I've got it all wrong! It is next week when Woody can't get and he has already asked Craig if he can help.

So no problem for tomorrow.


I think I must be cracking up, getting past it and losing my memory!!!



May 13

You must have had a bang on t’Ed!


So what duties need to be undertaken if Craig can’t do it? Pushing off or just timekeeping?

Ed Ward
May 13

It is pushing off, then sending off the last few riders at 1 minute intervals if I have to go to the finish before they have all started.


Then ideally going down to the finish, recording the riders in finishing order, and duplicating my timing in. It gets a bit hectic if we have a bunch finish and riders don't shout their numbers!


It is best to have two timers in case I get something wrong - I've had a bang on t'ead!

May 13

Ahh! OK. Sylvi can’t push off as she has a bad back but she could hold a stopwatch...

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  • TrevA
    Oct 13

    The Bingham cyclo cross is next Saturday - 19th October. Any offers of help would be appreciated, or you may want to go along to have a look. if you want to help out setting up the course, you need to be there at 7.30as the course needs to be ready for the first race at 10am. Racing starts with the U9s at 10am, then U12’s, and U 16s. There’s a separate women’s race this year and also races for Veterens (over 40s), and the Senior and Junior race starting around 2pm. Se. The NDCXL website for more info.
  • roger.widdowson
    Oct 1

    It's finally HOME! After 9 years in the barren wastelands of the A25/2, Team Sherwood rode to a comfortable victory and turned round its fortunes. In tough conditions, the riders produced the following results of which the first 5 fastest counted. Thomas Foreman 56:00 PB by 2 minutes Giles White 59:09 Jez Willows 59:59 PB by 2 minutes 39 seconds Chris Draper 1:00:04 Paul Jones 1:02:51 Gary Kondor 1:04:48 Roger Widdowson 1:06:29 PB by 2 minutes 22 seconds Paul Ward 1:11:11 Howard Clark DNF I think it's fair to say given some of the comments that Mapperley have been known to pass over recent years that we gave them just deserts. Some would argue perhaps that they didn't have their main man in the event. Despite this, we still took 4:58:03 to cover the aggregate 125 miles compared to their effort of 5:02:40 some 4 minutes 37 seconds in arrears. Whichever way you look at it, we were going to win today and Tom's ride, in particular, was nothing short of astounding being only 29 seconds behind Neal Parkin ! Truly an incredible ride but this takes a team effort and everyone in the winning mix has remained focussed despite the season having finished 4 weeks ago. Also, Paul Jones damaged his knee at work last week. I damaged my knee in Derbyshire 4 weeks ago. Analysing the information, if Garry Lee (their slowest rider) had DNF'd and Pete Phillips (their overall slowest) had have taken a place in their team and Tom Foreman had DNF'd and Gary Kondor taken 5th place, only then would we have lost by 4 seconds. Rather than me surmising about theoretical whys and wherefores, here's their times so you have revel, sorry I mean, do your own analysis of what could have been. The losing teams times:- Steve Barrell - 57:49 Mat Stonley - 58:09 Stephen Long - 1:00:08 Michael Westwell - 1:03:01 Garry Lee - 1:03:33 Pete Phillips - 1:07:40 Hopefully something good will come of this win. Organisation wise it sadly lacked. One of the Mapperley riders took my number and I collared the rider on the start line. It was only Stephen Long. I told him to go and get his number changed which in hindsight I shouldn't have done and he may well have been DQ'd for taking the wrong number. Mapperley seem to be going through a 'transient' period. We're not quite sure what's going on. The organiser wasn't actually there so it was left to Paul Arnold and Stephen Plester to do their best and in the circumstances they didn't do too bad. If it was left to Paul Arnold, it would have been run with military precision. There were two signing on - signing off sheets. Historically, Sherwood first won the trophy in 1953 and then again in 1955 and then not until 2003 where we had a spate of consecutive wins under Nigel White's command if you like. ALL HAIL KING TOM!
  • Ed Ward
    Sep 15

    Only a field of 35 and over a quarter (9) are Sherwood! The event counts as the Club Championship and the handicap winner gets the Halford Trophy. The "one rider, one trophy" rule applies so the Club Champion cannot win the Halford Trophy. Acorn Points are also awarded. It is very difficult to handicap as there is little 25 miles form to go on, so I've based it on the Evening Tens. Gary Kondor 6:40 Paul Jones 2:05 Chris Draper 1:00 Howard Clark 17:00 Tom Foreman Scratch Paul Ward 9:10 Jez Willows 1:40 Giles White 0:50 Roger Widdowson 7:30 The Lighthouse Trophy goes to the best team of 5 riders. Mapperley are the only other Club with sufficient numbers. They only have 6 entered, so there is a chance Sherwood could win - and then we would have to run it next year! The start sheet can be seen at https://cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-entrant-list/17893#anchor
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