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Oct 3

With regret, the Sherwood Open 25 which had been tabled for 15th August 2020 is now going to be cancelled tomorrow. I have notified Bill Stanley of my decision. Unless someone steps up, which I know i
Sep 22

Would anyone like to step forward and become the Sherwood Open 10 mile (and 25 mile potentially) Event Organiser? You can decide whether to run one or two events. Deadline was 3 weeks ago technic
Ed Ward
Sep 7

With sunshine and light SE wind, we took the opportunity to go to Claypole hoping it wasn't too busy - it wasn't as it was closed! So we headed to Rumbles at Sconce Park and sat out in the sun. Coming
Ed Ward
Aug 11

About 19 riders today, split into 2 groups to meet up at Little Jack's. Unfortunately, we all arrived about the same time, but got served quickly. Started back together for a direct route with rain th
Ed Ward
Jul 21

Eight of us in the easy group today had a pleasant ride to the Coffee Shot in Stathern. Out via Bottesford and Castle View Road, back through Colston Bassett and Cropwell Butler - 44 miles for me. A l
Howard Clark
Jun 9

Getting ready this morning to go on the club ride and suddenly had an epiphany to do some hill training instead. So went from home via Calverton to do Bank and Bonner hills both ways (with ride back).
Ed Ward
Apr 24

Six in the super-easy group today, but Alan G had borrowed an e-bike so we went a little faster and further than normal. It was a bit cool to start but warmed up and we sat outside at Stathern café. A
Apr 20

Enough riders for 3 groups today. I took a medium group with 5, then about 9 in the fast group and a similar number in Ed’s easy group. We did the northern loop via Farndon and Shelton. We kept up a h
Mar 26

WNW tomorrow. I’d suggest repeating a ride of Martin’s to Thaymar. Out via Southwell, Norwell, Egmanton, Bevercotes; back via Ollerton, Eakring, Kirklington etc. 52 miles. Phil
Ed Ward
Mar 9

After heavy rain at 9.00a.m it was sunny at Lowdham but windy. Only 6 riders and I set off for Sibthorpe on my own as I wouldn't able to keep up. At Car Colston it started to rain and by Scarring it w
Ed Ward
Sep 25

Riders thin on the ground today as it was a bit drizzly at first - 8 in total I think. Just 2 of us in the super easy group. We headed to Hoveringham and were soon passed by the fast group. However, t
Sep 18

The Easy Weds group went out through Bottesford to Woolsthorpe and climbed up onto the ridge via the Belvoir road. We had a touch of wheels going through Eastwell and Mary came down. Luckily, everyone
Ed Ward
Aug 18

About 20 riders today starting in two even groups. One group going to Hickling and I took another to Stathern. We went out through Orston and Plungar for a slightly early stop at the Coffee Shot. It
Aug 4

Plenty of people out today and the numbers were evenly split between the 2 groups. 9 in our group so we decided to go to Cafe Allez. Out via Granby Lane, Langar, Colston Bassett then up to Harby and a
Ed Ward
Jun 24

While the larger group went to Little Jack's via Pasture Lane, six in the steady group went to Claypole. This was my first visit to this fairly new café and we were impressed by the food quality and t
Ed Ward
Jun 2

My ride started with a bit of stupidity! I dropped my Garmin in my garage and it bounced under my car. I couldn't see it and, as the side it feel was against the wall, I backed my car out. Guess what?
Ed Ward
Apr 23

Another glorious day for cycling with sunshine and little wind. Two groups went to Hickling - one by the flat roads and one over Belvoir ridge. Café was very busy - mainly cyclists sitting out in the
Ed Ward
Apr 13

Not many out today chilly easterly wind. Some defected from the faster group so we ended up with 10 in the Easy Group, A steady ride out through Orston, Kilvington and Shelton. Some rain while we were
Ed Ward
Mar 16

Very windy again. Only Dr Tim and his son at the start, so we decided on a shorter non-stop ride. We did a quite sheltered circuit via Hoveringham, Epperstone and Woodborough and the wind wasn't too d
Ed Ward
Mar 3

As rain was forecast for 11 a.m. I planned to get a few miles in before the start and then do a shortened non-stop ride. Unfortunately, the rain started at 9.30. Four riders at the start. Jasper and D
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