Jul 7, 2018

Ran my first ever Open Time Trial Event

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After 6 weeks of initial organising, it all eventually came to fruition today!


It all started swimmingly with the Police Notification. Entries were slow to roll in at first but we ended up with 126 entrants including Howard Clark who I rejected on the grounds of his broken fingers and one other who withdrew.


Late on Friday, we still have 120 riding. By this time, the 4 reserves had been allocated spaces. Another 4 riders backed out first thing this morning before lunchtime giving apologies. 1 rider got a puncture and did not start. 7 failed to turn up without giving apologies and we had 1 DNF (Did Not Finish) who went off course.


The only cloud over the event was the incident of a driver who was mouthing off about cyclists and deliberately smashed a bottle or some glass at the 5 mile mark. Sadly, the marshall who spotted this was unable to get a vehicle registration. What is wrong with these morons? I'll let that there.


Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out today and to all the competitors that managed to resist the draw of the England v Sweden Match! That's commitment for you!

I feel it all went very well considering that I received a call at 12:07 from an entrant who was driving down the A1 who advised that one lane was closed on the Northbound carriageway. A couple of manic hours followed with phone calls and texts left, right and centre as it looked as though the event was not going to go ahead. Talk about baptism of fire for my first event. I took the decision to assess the situation on site and also, if needs be, push the event back up to 1 hour. It paid off. By 4pm, it was clear that the cones had been cleared despite the Traffic England website saying that the lane was closed for "emergency barrier repairs" following an accident last night according to the keeper of the Pavilion. It astounds me looking back at the consumate ease with which other organisers seem to float calmly and serenely around their Race HQ's whilst chaos must be ensuing somewhere. I suppose it takes a few attempts to get everything spot on. Despite this I managed to get a sub-standard ride in myself with only a 4 minute warm-up but the disappointment of the ride was ameliorated by the warm wishes which followed. Thanks also to Steve Littlewood, as joint organiser, for strong-arming numerous relatives in including Francesca who provided a cornucopia of homemade food but wasn't there to take the credit. Ultimately, the biggest thanks has to go to the volunteers, without whom, the event could not have gone ahead to be the success it was. I wish to thank all of you personally in time for the effort made. It was gratefully appreciated. Yours faithfully, Roger Widdowson

Kevin Humphreys
Jul 8, 2018

Great event as always ... congrats to Roger, Steve and all at SCC

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  • TrevA
    2 days ago

    Not many out today, perhaps due to the cold weather. Only 5 in our easy group and we headed for Hickling via Orston, Elton, Barkestone and Harby. Martin hit a new pothole near Orston, but we were quickly back on the road after fixing the puncture. A nice ride in the Autumn sunshine though it was cold - around 5 degrees C with a keen SE wind.
  • roger.widdowson
    Oct 3

    With regret, the Sherwood Open 25 which had been tabled for 15th August 2020 is now going to be cancelled tomorrow. I have notified Bill Stanley of my decision. Unless someone steps up, which I know is highly unlikely, then my decision will stand. I initially put my name down to run it on 5th September 2020 and that date would have personally been fine for me. As it is, in my absence, a decision was made, at the CTT Date Setting Meeting on Sunday, to move it back to one of the alternative dates I offered. This would have required someone else to take on the running of the event on the day. I would have happily helped out anyone in Sherwood that could have taken it on with the admin side of it where I could. It’s a great shame as the event this year was an enormous success. In fact, I’ve been told that our Open 10 was one of ONLY 3 events in the Central district that had a full field. Our Open 25 was only 4 short of being a full field from memory to another great success for Sherwood. If you anyone does wish to take this one on then you need to let me know today really so I can put your name forward to Bill.
  • Ed Ward
    Sep 25

    Riders thin on the ground today as it was a bit drizzly at first - 8 in total I think. Just 2 of us in the super easy group. We headed to Hoveringham and were soon passed by the fast group. However, the road was closed for a "police incident" and the fast group was not allowed through. I found later that a woman died after her car went in the river yesterday afternoon. We had to turn back to Lowdham where I noticed I hadn't started my Garmin so missed 8 miles! After the delay Phil and I decided to go to Southwell Garden Centre via Averham and Upton. After consuming vast sticky flapjacks we returned through Morton and found the road re-opened at Hoveringham. It was now sunny and the roads were starting to dry out. 40 miles for me.
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