Jul 5, 2018



Pauline fancied a short on wed 4th and we saw Eds group out near Cropwell Butler with Woody on the back, there was enough in that group to help with the 10 on Saturday-------------see you there Woody.

How do you get back to Gunthorpe avoiding Saxondale island?

Into saxondale and oatfield lane?---------wing nut

Jul 5, 2018Edited: Jul 5, 2018

Looking at Ed and Mary's Strava, they went through Cropwell Butler, then Henson Lane to Saxondale and Oatfield Lane to Shelford. That's the standard way back from Hickling.


Jim - you should join Strava and follow us all. Then you can see what we are all up to. There is no secret training any more!

Ed Ward
Jul 6, 2018

That group was the smaller of 2 formed from the "Easy Group". There was also a "medium" group that went to Fulbeck, an "easy, easy" group to Harby and a fast group that went somewhere else!


There must have been over 50 riders at the start (not all members).


Jim, good to see you and Pauline out for a ride.

Jul 6, 2018

Trev when I master my SatnavI will try strava but at the momentI am only about 80% sure of what I am doing,it certainly is helping to keep my brain going.My son says I am doing well.

I have done one proper run relying on it of about 70 miles a week ago.So I am definitly getting somewhere with it but of course I have got to get anywhere with it.Pauline is a good navigator but the objective is when driving a known route and getting diverted(which happens more and more) I can just use the device to get me to my destination.

THANK YOU and Ed for your comments.wing nut

Ed Ward
Jul 6, 2018

I never navigate by Strava, Garmin or Satnav. You can look at maps showing where your own rides and where others have been .


At the bottom of the Home Page of our website you can see recent activity and click on to see maps of their routes - and speeds, climbs, heart rates, power, if available (and if of interest!).

I find it interesting when riders tour, or ride abroad, to see where they have been. Then I can reminisce about what I used to do!

Jul 7, 2018

Like you Ed I was brought up on maps originally ESSO road maps that did not have Railways on it.Since coming to notts I have learnt just about all the roads on a 35mile rad north ,east, south of Bingham did not go much west as Nottingham is in the way.At the age of about 14 a half decent bike made out of parts from the local tip meant FREEDOM and an ability to solve problems and keep it on the road.Probably why i became an engineer(and ironically know as the skip rat or"stig of the dump")--------jim

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  • TrevA
    a day ago

    Not many out today, perhaps due to the cold weather. Only 5 in our easy group and we headed for Hickling via Orston, Elton, Barkestone and Harby. Martin hit a new pothole near Orston, but we were quickly back on the road after fixing the puncture. A nice ride in the Autumn sunshine though it was cold - around 5 degrees C with a keen SE wind.
  • roger.widdowson
    Oct 3

    With regret, the Sherwood Open 25 which had been tabled for 15th August 2020 is now going to be cancelled tomorrow. I have notified Bill Stanley of my decision. Unless someone steps up, which I know is highly unlikely, then my decision will stand. I initially put my name down to run it on 5th September 2020 and that date would have personally been fine for me. As it is, in my absence, a decision was made, at the CTT Date Setting Meeting on Sunday, to move it back to one of the alternative dates I offered. This would have required someone else to take on the running of the event on the day. I would have happily helped out anyone in Sherwood that could have taken it on with the admin side of it where I could. It’s a great shame as the event this year was an enormous success. In fact, I’ve been told that our Open 10 was one of ONLY 3 events in the Central district that had a full field. Our Open 25 was only 4 short of being a full field from memory to another great success for Sherwood. If you anyone does wish to take this one on then you need to let me know today really so I can put your name forward to Bill.
  • Ed Ward
    Sep 25

    Riders thin on the ground today as it was a bit drizzly at first - 8 in total I think. Just 2 of us in the super easy group. We headed to Hoveringham and were soon passed by the fast group. However, the road was closed for a "police incident" and the fast group was not allowed through. I found later that a woman died after her car went in the river yesterday afternoon. We had to turn back to Lowdham where I noticed I hadn't started my Garmin so missed 8 miles! After the delay Phil and I decided to go to Southwell Garden Centre via Averham and Upton. After consuming vast sticky flapjacks we returned through Morton and found the road re-opened at Hoveringham. It was now sunny and the roads were starting to dry out. 40 miles for me.
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