Aug 4

Sunday 4th August

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Plenty of people out today and the numbers were evenly split between the 2 groups. 9 in our group so we decided to go to Cafe Allez. Out via Granby Lane, Langar, Colston Bassett then up to Harby and along Long Lane then a right to the climb up to Belvoir. The cafe was fairly busy but we all got served quite quickly. I go to this cafe so often that the owner recognised me! (2nd time this week, but it’s such a nice location on a sunny day). Back via Woolsthorpe and Muston, where we spotted Ed’s group still at the cafe, then back through Bottesford and Orston. Kev Savage snapped a spoke at Scarrington and had to call for a lift home as his wheel was too buckled to ride. I ended up with 43 miles at a healthy 16.2 average.

Ed Ward
Aug 4

Yes, we went to Muston after avoiding for a few years. Owner can be a bit grumpy. When he came to serve us the first thing he asked was if we all had cash. Said VC Flintham came last week and one only had a credit card (they don't take them) and promised to come back to pay - but hadn't yet!

We got served quickly and food was good and reasonably priced. Lovely place to sit out in the garden.

We got a very light shower coming back but not enough to wet anything.

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  • TrevA
    a day ago

    Not many out today, perhaps due to the cold weather. Only 5 in our easy group and we headed for Hickling via Orston, Elton, Barkestone and Harby. Martin hit a new pothole near Orston, but we were quickly back on the road after fixing the puncture. A nice ride in the Autumn sunshine though it was cold - around 5 degrees C with a keen SE wind.
  • roger.widdowson
    Oct 3

    With regret, the Sherwood Open 25 which had been tabled for 15th August 2020 is now going to be cancelled tomorrow. I have notified Bill Stanley of my decision. Unless someone steps up, which I know is highly unlikely, then my decision will stand. I initially put my name down to run it on 5th September 2020 and that date would have personally been fine for me. As it is, in my absence, a decision was made, at the CTT Date Setting Meeting on Sunday, to move it back to one of the alternative dates I offered. This would have required someone else to take on the running of the event on the day. I would have happily helped out anyone in Sherwood that could have taken it on with the admin side of it where I could. It’s a great shame as the event this year was an enormous success. In fact, I’ve been told that our Open 10 was one of ONLY 3 events in the Central district that had a full field. Our Open 25 was only 4 short of being a full field from memory to another great success for Sherwood. If you anyone does wish to take this one on then you need to let me know today really so I can put your name forward to Bill.
  • Ed Ward
    Sep 25

    Riders thin on the ground today as it was a bit drizzly at first - 8 in total I think. Just 2 of us in the super easy group. We headed to Hoveringham and were soon passed by the fast group. However, the road was closed for a "police incident" and the fast group was not allowed through. I found later that a woman died after her car went in the river yesterday afternoon. We had to turn back to Lowdham where I noticed I hadn't started my Garmin so missed 8 miles! After the delay Phil and I decided to go to Southwell Garden Centre via Averham and Upton. After consuming vast sticky flapjacks we returned through Morton and found the road re-opened at Hoveringham. It was now sunny and the roads were starting to dry out. 40 miles for me.
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