23 Feb 2016

Sherwood CC Racing

Sherwood CC organise several open TT events, Cyclo-cross events and the occasional road race, we also organise a full club racing calendar of Time Trials, these take place throughout the racing season (March to September) on Sunday mornings and Tuesday evenings. Full details can be found in our Racing Programme.

Entry fees are £3 per ride with Juveniles at 50p. 

Members can buy a Season Ticket in advance for £40 and this will cover you for all Club Events. As special this year you can pre-pay £10 and ride any 5 events. If you then decide on a Season Ticket you can buy one for £30.

All Junior Riders must have a completed Parental Consent form for Club Events (included on entry form).
Senior riders do not need an entry form for Club TTs – just sign on at the start.
No entry fee is payable for the Hill Climb and the Freewheel Contest as these are just for fun.

In the interest of your safety you are strongly recommended to wear a helmet and use a flashing
red rear light when taking part in any time trials. Events may be cancelled either because of road
conditions (eg road works, accidents, slippery roads) or if visibility is impaired (eg. rain, spray,
fog, darkness). If you are in doubt about the conditions, and the event is run, it is the rider who
must decide whether to take part. Every rider must take care, ride safely and respect the rules of
the road. In a time trial you must ride alone and not sit behind other riders, if you are caught it is
up to the overtaken rider to drop back and not benefit from any shelter. A full version of Sherwood CC racing rules can be found by following this link: Racing Rules.




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